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Sip your coffee slowly, sit in your coziest spot, and let's cultivate home together!

This is a place for us to further document the process of cultivating home and share with others the beauty of creating, loving, and learning from one another.  Here you will find insights into our store, Sugartree Mill Co.,  tips for making a house into a home, recipes that are worth the adventure in the kitchen, and simple down-to-earth encouragement as we learn to cultivate home around us.  All are invited, near and far, to join us in our mission to cultivate home around us.    


A little background...

From 1881 to present, the Mill has gone through many transformations. Since its humble beginnings as a flour mill, the building has collected years of history and still maintains many original structural elements that can be noticed throughout the space. After transitioning from a traditional working mill to a storage space for a construction business and later a recycling center, the Mill finally found its purpose as an antique & home goods store in the late 1990’s.
2019 marked a new year for the Mill and another transformation… but this transformation was different in that it took a step back into history as it looked to the future. Owners of Champion Bridge Co. and constant admirers of the Mill from across the street, Randy and Diane Dell, took over the Mill in July of 2019 with a vision for restoring the building to its historical roots while cultivating a space of timeless goods and antiques to help others transform their houses into homes. Having a large family of creators and dreamers helped make this crazy dream a reality.         
Today, Sugartree Mill Co. aims to serve homemakers by connecting them with beautiful and unique goods, community events, and educational workshops. We hope that by visiting us you, too, will be feel part of a larger history, and be inspired in your own unique journey towards creating a home infused with personality and filled with warmth!

Come visit! 316 E Sugartree St. Wilmington, Oh

Open Monday - Saturday : 10AM - 5:30PM

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