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Antique Vendor Feature - D. Gibson

Are you ready to hear from our next antique vendor? And in case you missed it, you can see our previous antique vendor feature, the Littles.

SMC / How long have you been antiquing and how did you start? Why do you enjoy it?

DG / I have been a vendor selling collectables and antiques for 25 years. I started collecting, however, at the age of 10 when my grandma took me to my first auction in my little hometown. My first buy was a Royal Copely deer planter, which I still have! My garage was starting to fill up when I walked into the Blanchester Broadway Antique Mall, saw an empty case and I haven't stopped yet.

I became more involved when I was asked if I would like to work behind the counter and walk the floors. After the closing of the mall in Blanchester I came to the Shoppes at the Old Mill where I continued selling and became a member of the "staff." I especially enjoyed meeting the customers and vendors and sharing our various interest. I am excited to have become a small part of the Sugartree Mill Co.

SMC / What kind of antiques catch your eye in particular? Is there a certain style or time period that you’re drawn to when shopping for antiques?

DG / I'm drawn to stoneware, MecCoy pottery, old baskets, and primitive farming items. However, you will find a little bit of everything in my area. I appreciate anything that "speaks" to me, that shows it has been loved, or has a story.

SMC / What is one of your favorite pieces you’ve ever found?

DG / I have three favorite pieces at home, not found, but given. All three belonged to my great grandmother, Betty: a well-used dough bowl with a rough-edged hole added so she could hang it under the stairs in the summer kitchen, an egg basket made by the traveling basketweaver, and her wedding quilt, which was made by her mother.

SMC / When you aren’t antiquing, what do you enjoy doing?

DG / When I'm not looking for "treasures" you might find me going through family history items like papers, diaries, letters, and pictures... trying to organize.

SMC / Do you have any tips for anyone new to antique shopping? Is there a certain mindset they should have or something they should know about antiques before beginning?

DG / I believe when you obtain any object from the past it brings a story with it. You are connecting with that era, that time, that generation. Buy a piece that honors the past that you can bring into your home, that connects to your personal interests or style. Check out the many creative ways you can repurpose a bit of history! Enjoy your search for that special "little something!"

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