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Greentree Home Candle - Brand Feature

Greentree Home Candle has been a loyal brand from the beginning of Sugartree Mill Co. These high quality, sculptural candles are made in the Catskills from 100% North American beeswax, and deliver the intoxicating smell of pure beeswax that we love. Designer and founder, Jenifer Green, established Greentree Home Candle in 2000, and her products have won nothing but acclaim and a loyal fan following. Artificial and toxic fragrances are all around us, but the promise of Greentree candles is that you don't have to sacrifice the mood and ambience of candles in order to maintain good air quality. Jenifer's designs exude modern elegance and are a stand-alone work of art in any home.

But aren't taper candles meant just for fancy soirees? We're glad you asked. The simple elements of wax, wick, and fire shouldn't be overly complicated. Fire is warmth, and when it comes to candles, even that small flame sparks a feeling of companionship and intimacy. Gathering around a flame somehow brings us to a simpler place as humans, whether it be a backyard bonfire, a crackling fire in the hearth, or a simple lit taper or two at the dinner table. Lighting tapers at our evening meal is one of our daily rituals, the kids clamoring to be the one to light them, and they signal family time and respite from the preceding events of the day.

Any time we gather, we light candles.

We are rejecting the notion that candlelit dinners are reserved for special occasions, and instead spending those wax inches where they matter, at simple every day gatherings with our family and friends.

Yes, tapers are a bygone symbol of warmth, togetherness, and light, but don't underestimate the visual impact they bring to a table setting. I've noticed that an empty, undressed table with a single taper in the center holds all the promise of an impending gathering—all in a single taper!

If you're planning a dinner party or a date night, assembling a collection of candlesticks or displaying a vintage candelabra will bring an astounding amount of just the right mood even before you set the table.

Tapers are for every day and every occasion. Don't shy away from lighting one the next time you sit at a meal.

— The Short of It —

Who / Jenifer Green, Owner and Creative director

Home Base / The foothills of the Catskills Mountains

Product offerings / Hand poured and individually finished beeswax candles in taper, pillar, and sculptural designs

Ingredients / 100% North American Beeswax

Each candle has its own personality, which will you choose?

Our favorites:

Isaac - general manager - all of them, but especially Bamboo Rope

Joanna - marketing and events coordinator - Sangria Square

Diane - owner and florist - Wild Plum Twist

Hanna - store manager - Sage Column

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