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Homeland Harvest

On September 5th we hosted this year's Autumnal event. We chose the seasonal theme, Homeland Harvest, to evoke a sense of rootedness to this place we call home. In the chaos of the past months, we wanted to make this a simple event that would provide a little space of calm and delight. We served homemade, individually packaged, pecan, pumpkin, and apple bars, along with coffee and harvest punch. That Girl's Flowers provided fresh floral bouquets for purchase, and we offered a few discounts on some of our favorite brands and products for the event. We were delighted to share in and celebrate the turning of the season with so many of you in our community.

We feel it is important to anchor ourselves in the constancy of the seasons, and physical reminders that the natural beauty and life and change around us can be healing and remind us to always have hope. Our Homeland Harvest event felt timely. Diane gathered weeds and flowers for weeks leading up to our event, wiring and drying them for decoration and wreath-making. It's amazing the vibrant beauty that can be found even as life is ripe and fading and the earth is preparing for rest. Isaac used wheat stalks in some of our ceiling displays, and our store branches transitioned with magnolia leaves. In keeping with the seasonal feel, we changed our store scent to Candleberry's "Amber Leaves."

If you're longing to infuse your home with a reminder of the change in season, we invite you to visit our expanded Floral Corner for inspiration. Suspended from the ceiling behind Diane's work table is a 6-foot variety of Celosia from her garden. It's truly something to behold. We have dried florals and wreaths for purchase, but if you want to exercise your own creative muscles, try your hand at foraging and see what you can create with a few branches in a large vase or jug. It really is that simple. Come visit us to get your creativity flowing, and enjoy the atmosphere of Homeland Harvest at The Mill.

We wish you natural beauty, slow moments with loved ones, and the tastes of the Harvest this season.


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