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Seasonal Gift Guide: Consider connection this Autumn

As humans living in a highly consumerist, fast-paced culture, we wanted this Fall gift guide to be something different. Yes, Sugartree Mill Co. is a store, a brand, and our existence relies on the purchases that you make within our walls. But we're not just product people, we're idea people.

And we feel that this particular time and season is ripe with opportunity for thinking creatively and finding solutions in unexpected places.

Before you read on, stop and decide if you are in a place to gift, emotionally or financially. Do you need to stop and fill your own cup first? If you are tired and frazzled, take a moment to breathe deep, and ask yourself what one thing you can do to reset and begin to refresh yourself. Do you need connection? Do you need a quiet moment? Do you need to go outside? Do it. And as you read on, maybe also think about ways that you can use these ideas to gift yourself something you need, something to remind yourself of your humanity and the important part you play in your family and your community.

As a home goods and antique store, we're big fans of the type of gifts you can wrap a bow around, but as a thrifty family, we're all about other kinds of gifting, too. Let's step back and reframe.

We are going to explore slightly more unconventional categories. Think on them, sit with them, and make them your own. What gifts do you have to give?

Rest + Nature

Connection + Camaraderie

Quieting space + organization

Color + Taste + Scent

Imagine going on a walk with a friend at a nearby park, because it's peak color in the trees right now. Maybe one of you brings hot tea to share.

Imagine getting an invite to come share homemade apple crisp.

Imagine helping a friend organize her kids school space, because they're learning remotely and suddenly she is overwhelmed by books and school supplies and tablets that she never thought she would need in her house. You could bring a large basket to aid in organization.

Imagine helping that same friend identify a corner of her house, maybe a chair and a side table, that is reserved for rest. A place she can go when life seems crazy. Maybe you bring her a candle for her quiet corner, and some play dough for her to pull out when her kids need a moment, too. We love this easy recipe for homemade dough.

Imagine helping a brother or co-worker chop wood for his family fires this season.

Imagine taking the time to bake one of your Grandma's classic recipes with her, and ask her about her life and memories. Remember to snap a picture of the two of you together. Maybe you bring her a tea towel with her favorite hymn on it.

Imagine gathering around a fire outside and inviting a few friends over for marshmallows and hot cider.

One gifting truth that comes to mind right now, is that we far too often underestimate the gift of simply being with someone and saying, "How can I support you right now?" or even more simply, "I just want to be with you." We hope that if there's anything the isolation and separation of these past month have taught us, being together is extremely underrated. Let's change that!

Wishing you connection and rest with those you love this season.


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