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Antique Vendor Spotlight - Gail S.

SMC / How long have you been antiquing and how did you start?  Why do you enjoy it? 

GS / I’ve been antiquing for about 30 years. My first purchase was an antique oak dresser for less than $200.00. It was solid oak, well made and cheaper than new furniture. Antiquing quickly became my favorite pastime while living in Noblesville, Indiana where there were several antique shops minutes from my home. There was one old farmstead just outside of town selling antiques in the old house, barn and other buildings. I love the history behind antiques. I especially enjoy seasonal outdoor antique shows and flea markets. There’s something special about combining the outdoors and the hunt for that special piece. Shows offer a wide variety of antiques and many vendors willing to share their

knowledge. You never know what you are going to find!

SMC / What kind of antiques catch your eye in particular?  Is there a certain style or time period that you’re drawn to when shopping for antiques?

GS / I am very drawn to early American country furniture and the many utilitarian pieces from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

SMC / What is one of your favorite pieces you’ve ever found?

GS / I purchased a country farm work table with a primitive screened pie safe from an estate auction years ago in Wapakoneta, OH. Both have the same old dry white paint. The auctioneer was going to sell them separately, but I asked him to sell them together. He did and I have enjoyed them in my home ever since.

SMC / When you aren’t antiquing, what do you enjoy doing? 

GS / I enjoy walking, biking, and time with friends and family.

SMC / Do you have any tips for anyone new to antique shopping?  Is there a certain mindset

they should have or something they should know about antiques before beginning?

GS / Buy the best of what you love within your budget. Gain knowledge from internet sources, old collectors books and other people. Pinterest is a great resource for decorating with and repurposing antiques.


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