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Spring at the Mill - Unspoken Beauty

About our Theme

Our Spring at the Mill theme for this season is "Unspoken Beauty." Part of our mission as we help you cultivate home is to ultimately cultivate unspoken beauty. What do we mean by that phrase? We hearken to beauty that transcends tangible objects and leaves us with a feeling of home. It is a beauty that is compelling in its simplicity, commanding our attention and sparking curiosity.

"At the beginning of this year, I found myself trying to understand how to view this past year, as I think many of us have, and how that should influence the way I look at the future. The theme that I found relevant to this year and in many ways every year, is the idea that the spring season is a time to reorient our attention on the things unspoken, unnoticed, or assumed. It is a time to begin again. It is a very natural response to settle into the processes of life and to establish a particular view of how things are, but we can’t let that hinder our curiosity and willingness to see what's just beneath the surface.

Cheers to more curiosity for the unspoken beauties of the world."

— Isaac, Manager

So this season we’re peeking behind the curtain of Spring’s serenity and hopeful qualities, and finding the Mill's part to play. Join us this season and cultivate home with us at Mill workshops, where we practice new skills and open ourselves to new life and possibilities, and enjoy a peaceful walk through the historic Mill.

Spring at the Mill Event Recap

We enjoyed welcoming you all into a new season at the Mill with individually wrapped "Spring bars," (lemon, strawberry oatmeal, and blondie varieties), coffee and sunshine punch. The day was sunny and a not-too-chilly 55 degrees, making it the perfect day to get out and celebrate the change in season with us. We have a fresh stock of new merchandise on display, ready to add touches of Spring to your homes, and we have new displays that we hope will inspire you as you imagine how to make your home reflect your taste and lifestyle better than before. Our unspoken beauty store display is full of rugged textures, earthy and natural elements like dripping Spanish moss, as well as classical and simple influences in color and form.

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks, and for our next seasonal event in June!

What to see a recap of our Spring at the Mill and some sneak peeks behind the hard work to make it happen? Check out our video here!


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