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Another year, the same Mill

There were many surprises last year, like being closed for 6 weeks due to Covid-19, but we made the most of our time away by working behind the scenes painting and building and readying The Mill for re-opening. One of our favorite projects was being able to restore the brick arch in the back of the store as you enter our rug room. Last year we also welcomed two new employees—Sarah and Joanna! We love having them on the team, and we know they bring a smile to your face, too.

We are so grateful for you, our customers, who continue to make us a part of your lives. We are finding new rhythms within our business, building relationships with our antique vendors, and even welcoming new antique vendors. We began offering more workshops last year, and have welcomed new and old products into our inventory. But perhaps one of the highlights for us has been celebrating the seasons with you. As we look to the year ahead, we are looking for ways to continue deepening our recognition of the way the year ebbs and flows through spring, summer, fall and winter.

Together we will explore what it means to cultivate a home. We will have more workshops (schedule below for this winter/spring), new seasonal displays and merchandise, and more events to celebrate the changing seasons. Yet, we continue to keep our core values at the forefront, taking each day to seek gratefulness, serve others, and cultivate beauty.

We are excited for a new chapter at the Mill, keeping where we've come from close to us as we look to the new year with renewed hope and joy.

February 2 - Winter Watercolor Workshop

March - Interior Design class

May - Mother's Day Fresh Floral workshop


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