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Antique Vendor Spotlight - the Littles

One of the things that sets Sugartree Mill Co. apart from most home goods stores is our ever evolving collection of antiques. These pieces are selected and curated by members in our community who have an eye for the unique and a penchant for forgotten treasures.

Doug and Debbie Little are one of our vendor couples who started antiquing a few years ago when they started going to auctions. "We found that there were many things available that we remembered from our childhoods, and started buying things here and there." It quickly became a hobby that led them to looking for a venue (that's us!) where they could offer the pieces they found to the community. The love of the hunt and the competition at auctions are aspects they really enjoy about antiquing.

The Littles don't focus their collecting on any particular item or range of items, but rather enjoy looking for surprises, and items they find unique. "Over the years we have found many interesting things ranging from Victorian Cruet Sets to old railroad keys and locks. We’ve discovered that we are drawn to old weather vanes and lightning rods."

When Doug and Debbie aren't antiquing, they like spending time on their deck, and with family. "We also enjoy trying different restaurants in the region and exploring other towns for unique shops."

Their advice for would-be antique shoppers? "We’ve learned a lot over the years by having conversations with others, and we’ve also learned the hard way that just because you think something should be valuable or collectible it’s not always true. Shop for things you like and that you will enjoy owning."

We hope you'll check out their booth (DL) the next time you stop by Sugartree Mill Co.

Thanks, Doug and Debbie, for being a part of our store!


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