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Why Gage Goods?

Last year I polled friends on Instagram for rug recommendations. Most of them recommended the large discount rug websites we've all heard of. Okay, cool. I was on a tight budget, and not above shopping at these sites. But what really surprised me was that many of these friends also said these rugs lasted maybe two years before they had to purchase a new one. I was horrified, truly, because even purchasing an 8x10 rug at a discounted price still felt like too much money if it was ultimately disposable. I thought rugs were a "purchase once" type of item! In my childhood home, my parents had a rug like this. It held up well and always looked beautiful, even under the traffic that 6 kids created. This was the kind of durability and beauty I was looking for.

But still, I didn't have the kind of financial stability to purchase a truly fine rug, and what's more, it was entirely unclear which rugs fit that category and were actually worth my money. I did what research I could, and discovered that wool is particularly durable and non-toxic, so I put my efforts there. I searched and searched, and searched some more. I finally found a rug that I loved, that was made of wool, and I thought I would be happy with for decades. It was moderately priced, and not from one of the big warehouse sites. Maybe I had done it right, and found a good one!

One year later, that rug is thoroughly matted and pilled, like a cheap fast fashion sweater. Despite careful preparation, I am now just another frustrated consumer, caught in the same confusing home-decorating spiral in which we often find ourselves.

It begs the question, where are the items that are high-quality and fairly priced? Most of us are willing to spend a little extra money if we know we're getting something of value. But with many big brands, it seems that we often pay for the name, or "the look" rather than the functional, durable structure of the item we are purchasing.

This, my friends, is why you do not want to miss our next workshop with Gage Goods.

Somewhere in the last century we began to succumb to the ease and speed with which we could amass things, and all for the low low price of __.99. Most ancient realms of functional art like pottery, weaving, and furniture making have been replaced almost entirely by fast-moving websites attached to massive warehouses promising us all the beauty for none of the cost. I get emails almost daily announcing to-good-to-be-true discounts that I beckon me forward. The promise of a large statement item that will solve my interior decorating woes is at my fingertips, and yet, is there a hidden cost? Are these items truly giving us what we want? How can we hope to sift through the junk and make informed and responsible purchases? Rugs are an essential part of decorating, and yet, who the heck knows how to buy one?

Gage Goods is more than a brand, and Evan Gage is more than a rug salesman. He is passionate about giving us an education, and tools with which to be better consumers.

What to expect from this workshop:

THE CONTENT / We will learn from Gage Goods about 1. the history of rugs and rug making 2. the art and symbolism of rugs 3. the advantages of rugs as a tool for your home design and functional living and 4. how to buy a rug.

THE ATMOSPHERE / A staple of our Mill workshops is food, drink, and friends. We are excited to host you!

THE TAKEAWAY / An amazing education on how to be a good rug consumer,plus a special hostess-themed goodie bag from The Mill, and an exclusive coupon for Gage Goods items. (spoiler: this brand offers more than rugs!)

We are thrilled for this partnership with Gage Goods, and know that you will be, too. Bringing intentionality and purpose to the ways in which we cultivate home and prioritize hospitality are core tenants of our mission, and aims we share with Gage Goods.

Please join us, and learn more about the ways you can come along side us in this mission to bring beautiful stories into your home through art and functional decor.


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