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You are Creative

Yes, you! One of the things we've all heard, and maybe have even said ourselves, is "Oh, I'm not the creative type." But at Sugartree Mill Co., we believe that all humans are meant to create. Maybe your creative muscles just need an opportunity to flex and strengthen!

One of the events that we are most excited to continue hosting at The Mill are our cozy, "creative-muscle-building" workshops. These workshops are not just for the creative types, but for those who simply want to explore the process of creativity. It is a rich process, and one that we think goes hand in hand with our mission of cultivating home.

How do our workshops cultivate a sense of home? A healthy home is about love, about an atmosphere of growth and encouragement. It's about conversation and purpose and hospitality, among other things. Our workshops provide an intentional space for community to flourish. They provide a bit of quiet time to reflect, as you move your hands to create something beautiful.

If hospitality is a new or uncomfortable thing to you, we think our workshops can help provide a template. Something to eat or drink, and thoughtful conversation are at the heart of hospitality, and our workshops, so you might find that you are not only flexing your creative muscles, but are learning skills of hospitality as well. (disclaimer: hospitality does not have to be fancy, and can even be as simple as offering a glass of water! But at our workshops we like to go the extra mile in providing a lot of atmosphere, and we hope it's a special treat for our attendees and gets the creative juices flowing).

At our recent Floral Workshop, we worked with fresh summery blooms from local That Girl's Flowers, a true delight. We helped form and support our arrangements with holley chapel pillows, which each of our attendees could reuse at home for future arrangements. And since food is one of our workshop essentials, we enjoyed wine and sun tea, cheescake, veggies, and fruit.

Our Watercolor Workshop was a fun and challenging time of experimentation and many laughs. Many of our attendees experienced watercolors for the first time. We enjoyed a menu of rosé ale, infused water, brownies, and lemon bars. Joanna then lead everyone in a seascape demo for practice, and then there was time to work on individual watercolors based on preference and reference photos. Each attendee went home with watercolor postcards they had created.

We love to provide an atmosphere of learning and creativity, and are so grateful to those who have stepped out of the comfort zones to join us. We so enjoy your company, and eagerly look forward to meeting more of you at our future workshops!


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